About Us

Welcome to Ottomanelli's Sporting Arms

We are a new firearms shop that was founded for one single purpose: to provide a wide variety of quality goods devoted towards the shooting community. We are backed by outstanding customer service, delivered at a fair price. We strive on building successful relationships with our customers.

At OSARMS we have the widest varieties of guns and accessories for all your shooting needs. See our suppliers page for the manufactures that we carry.

Ottomanelli's Sporting arms would like to thank Thomas J. O'Beirne for allowing us to be next to the number one state of art shooting facility, Woodland Park Range in New Jersey. Next to our store, at the brand new Woodland Park Range, you will have an opportunity to use the 19 ports (13 ports at 25 yards and 6 ports at 50 yards). This facility meets everyone's needs from the novice shooter to the most advanced individuals.

We also have a wide variety of supplies and accessrories such as carrying cases, specialty scopes, holsters, knives, ammo boxes, cleaning supplies and so much more! We are fully stocked and ready to help prepare you for any situation that would arise in your travels as a firearms afficionado, we carry a wide abundance of some of the finest shooting accesories.

Come check us out as you will not regret the trip to Ottomanelli's Sporting Arms!

If you have questions or concerns regarding Woodland Park Range Click Here