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As a woman and a complete novice it is a bit intimidating to walk into a gun store filled with men. However, the guys at Ottomanelli's were wonderful. They directed me to a firearms training course run by Guns for Hire and then guided me through selecting my purchase. They were very patient and informative explaining the features and benefits of each brand and caliber. It was more like being with a big brother than a salesman. I highly recommend Ottomanelli's. Best regards

Debi S.
New Jersey

I shop at Ottomanelli's because they provide unparalleled customer service! I walk in the door to the shop and everyone behind the counter says hello, and knows my name. The staff answers every question I have (and there are many) with expertise and explains what I may not understand. Their prices are fair, and the recommendations they make to me are always spot on. A lot of gun shops I've visited don't take me seriously because I'm a woman, and I've never returned. OSA is awesome, and in me, they have a customer for life.

Leeann C.
New Jersey

I've been shopping at OSA since they opened the shop in Woodland Park. I first started going because it was convenient, clean and a great selection of firearms. However, I found myself dropping by continuously afterward, I'm surprised that they haven't run me out of the place, because what I learned not only are the passionate enthusiast, but a great group of folks to stop by and pass the time talking about our hobby. I've also noticed that I'm not the only regular to be standing around shooting the breeze. They've created a great friendly atmosphere and I've met a number of terrific folks there. The customer service and integrity of the ownership and staff is the best I've seen. They treat their customers with dignity and respect. I never feel like I'm having things pushed in me. I'll continue to purchase my firearms and accessories from OSA.

Robert G.
New Jersey

Since I'm new to the sport of shooting I was looking for a gun shop in my area. My brother told me about a new place that opened in West Paterson. The first thing I saw when I walked into the store was that it is very clean, neat and organized. Since a gun shop is a little bit of a hangout the owners and employee's are all dressed properly so you can tell them apart. (As a female) I was greeted with a warm "Hello and how can we help you". These guys have excellent knowledge of the business. They take the time to answer all of your questions and won't let you leave until you're happy with your purchase. Of course I am now a regular there and I am always greeted by name along with a hug! If you are looking for a gun shop with competitive prices, a very pleasant atmosphere and a great bunch of guy's who know their stuff I highly recommend you visit Ottomanelli's. You won't be disappointed.

Anita H.
Jeanne K.
Fairfield, New Jersey

Not only are all the people at Ottomanelli's the best in the business, but they are kind and patient as well. It simply is the best place to go. The level of professionalism can not be topped anywhere. I now think that shopping at Ottomanelli's is more fun than shopping at Nordstrom!!!!

Roberta S.
New Jersey

Hello, I was in your store today for the first time ( purchased Rugar10/22), just a quick note to say "thank you"! The staff there was great and very friendly, I will be back in the future to do business with you, today you gained a customer for life. Keep up the good work and Thank You again!

Keith D.
New Jersey

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